02 January 2008

Fishbones is on the Western Shore or left bank for you FrancophilesJanuary 9 at Fishbones

Peabs will be playing a solo show at Fishbones in St Clair Shores on Wed January 9.

Fishbones is at the corner of 9 Mile and Jefferson in St Clair Shores, Michigan, -unironically on the shore of Lake St. Clair.

Be there or pretty much plan on having a terrible 2008.

We're also working on a follow up to our 2007 self titled release at Tourist HQ (available on emusic, rhapsody, iTunes and at considerably less cost through your friendly neighborhood Tourist) and are looking forward to Orthodox Christmas, unless of course it's already past us by.

This looks like my paper, except that it has his personal line on it, so if you see this scrap of paper, it's not correct.Last but not least, if you come across a small piece of paper with Nigel Godrich's phone number on it, please return it to me -- I hear he's doing great stuff in practice spaces these days (http://radiohead.tbdrecords.com/). Also, if the small piece of paper has Nigel's cell phone on it, it's not MY piece of paper, MY piece of paper had his private line number on it, a rotary phone in a bunker deep beneath Nelson's Column in Trafalger Square. Please return other scraps of paper with the numbers of renowned producers to their proper owners.

that is all.

Tourist Paul