06 December 2005

Return of NYEE

New Year's Eve Eve with Last Tourist

That's the night BEFORE New Year's Eve

30 December 2005
St. Clair Shores
Jefferson at 9 Mile


04 November 2005

Thursday November 10

LT@tLH_10112005, Poster by Dirty McKean

The Lager House

1254 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI 48226

The Flouride Program
Sam Champion
Last Tourist

13 October 2005

Saturday October 22

LT@FB_22102005, Poster by Dirty McKean


St. Clair Shores
Jefferson at 9 Mile

22 September 2005

Friday at Fishbone's

Fishbone's in St. Clair Shores

Friday September 30

We'll be at our old stomping grounds at Fishbone's in St. Clair Shores on Friday September 30. We start at about 10PM and will be playing a mix of covers, originals and songs people think sound like originals but are covers.

Fishbone's is at 9 Mile and Jefferson on the east (lake) side of Jefferson.

For those you haven't made it over there before, take I-94 to the 9 Mile exit turn east on 9 mile until it dead ends at Jefferson.

Poster by McKean

Sept. 30
St. Clair Shores, MI

30 August 2005

Tickets now available from your local Tourist.

Poster By McKean

18 August 2005

New Show Announcement:

Saturday September 3
The Magic Stick
4120-4140 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI

Last Tourist
A Chaotic Symphony

2 out of 3 commies agree

13 July 2005

Don't worry, it's a free show, backstage passes aren't required. Posted by Picasa

12 July 2005

S-A! T-U-R! D-A-Y! Night!

Fishbone's in St. Clair Shores

Saturday, July 16

Back by popular demand.

We play from about 10pm-1:30am.

27 June 2005

Tru Calling Summer Nights
LT on the river

Last Tourist plays Portofino's in Wyandotte as part WDVD 96.3 FM's True Music Summer Nights. Come and join us on the deck with a lovely view of downtown and the Detroit River.

Thursday, July 7, 8-11 p.m.
Portofino's on the River
3455 Biddle Avenue * Wyandotte, Michigan 48192 * (734) 281-6700

24 June 2005

LT + MagicBag = BEST.

A big thank you to all who came out, bought tickets and enjoyed an awesome night at Ferndale's Magic Bag. Thanks to Simplicity and especially Bump for their multimedia extravanganza, and Maple Park Media for all the love.

Excellent photographs here courtesy of RoaringMouse Photography.


20 June 2005

Big Matt=BUZZThanks to Big Matt and all our friends at Motorcity Rocks for including us in this week's podcast, which you can download here.

What's a podcast?

It's a fancy word for a mp3 of a short radio show. And MCR was nice enough to include a live track from us performed at the MCR/Whatevs.org showcase back in January.

So make sure you check it out!

31 May 2005

Make sure you don't miss this show by getting your tickets in advance from any member of Last Tourist. Posted by Hello

27 May 2005

The Magic Bag, Ferndale
Friday 24 June

Last Tourist

tickets $7 - get yours now from your nearest Tourist

Thanks to everyone who came out to Alvin's
(it was Thursday/after all),
and thanks to The Prime Ministers
and Chris & staff at Alvin's.

08 May 2005

LT + PMs @ Alvin's
Thursday May 19, 2005

The Prime Ministers
The Silent Years
Last Tourist

5756 Cass St. Detroit, MI 48202

Don't miss us at Alvin's. Last Tourist will go on at 10pm sharp. Come on down and feel the love.

26 April 2005


Magic Bag.
Last Tourist.

Tickets available from your local Last Tourist for $7 or give us a shout. Obvs.

31 March 2005

Last Tourist's olde medicine travelling showe & revue

Poster by Dirty McKean at Smart Shop

Fishbone's in St. Clair Shores

We will play from about 10pm-1:30am
Those who experienced our acoustic nights at Fishbone's in 2003 know to expect our ever-expanding repertoire of LT original music, mixed in with a variety of covers: old favorites, deep influences, and new classics. Obvs.

UPDATED 24 April:

Thanks to all who made it out to Fishbone's on a snowy Michigan night. Look for us back there very soon, and if you're good, we'll play "Wild Horses" this time (both U2 and Stones.)

It's voodoo some say/like magic étouffée/a deadman's curse.

We are also pursuing other dates and venues, and will post tracks from the wildly successful MCR/whatevs Showcase (longshoremen REVEALED!) at Small's, so stay tuned.

25 February 2005

Thursday February 3

Out and Out Pleasure
Last Tourist

Doors @ 8pm 21+ $5-

We are opening and will go on promptly at 10pm. C'mon feel da noize.

10339 Conant
Hamtramck MI 48212