31 March 2005

Last Tourist's olde medicine travelling showe & revue

Poster by Dirty McKean at Smart Shop

Fishbone's in St. Clair Shores

We will play from about 10pm-1:30am
Those who experienced our acoustic nights at Fishbone's in 2003 know to expect our ever-expanding repertoire of LT original music, mixed in with a variety of covers: old favorites, deep influences, and new classics. Obvs.

UPDATED 24 April:

Thanks to all who made it out to Fishbone's on a snowy Michigan night. Look for us back there very soon, and if you're good, we'll play "Wild Horses" this time (both U2 and Stones.)

It's voodoo some say/like magic étouffée/a deadman's curse.

We are also pursuing other dates and venues, and will post tracks from the wildly successful MCR/whatevs Showcase (longshoremen REVEALED!) at Small's, so stay tuned.