25 November 2008

Its a Zombie Christmas with three bands that refuse to die!

Studiotone, The Prime Ministers and Last Tourist

Thursday, December 18, 2008 at 9:00pm

Small's Bar
10339 Conant
Hamtramck, MI

29 July 2008

Friday August 8

The Magic Bag in Ferndale, MI

with Last Tourist
& Elise McCoy
Doors open 8 p.m.

It'll be just like Brew and View without the movie... more like Bro' and View.... BLAAHHH!

Directions to the Magic Bag

29 June 2008

Friday 18 July

Small's, Hamtramck

in order of appearance:

Small's is located at 10339 Conant at the corner of Caniff
$5 21+
Doors open at 8, music starts around 9

12 June 2008

A big thanks to the TreeFarmers and Beat the Train for a fun show at the Token, surviving tornados and floods.  

The SpokeDrunkies turned out a spot-on performance of the entire Never Mind the Bollocks, Here the Sex Pistols album.   LT enjoyed an energetic middle set, many thanks to old and new fans for the enthusiastic applause and compliments.   And finally, a big head-banging bow to Voice of Anger in their first public performance ever.  Unbelievable.  

Thanks also to everyone's favorite MC, Joe "HoDaddy," for the great introductions, mosh pit bossing, and general hilarity.  A hearty peacock call to y'all!

Mark your calendars for our next scheduled show at Small's in Hamtramck on 18 July, lineup to be announced soon!  

We're so pretty, oh so pretty... vacant!

29 May 2008

Next show: Sunday evening June 8 at the Token Lounge in Westland
Beat the Train in Detroit Productions presents FarmerPalooza!

What's a FarmerPalooza? Come see and find out!
Come on out for a fun evening show at this storied and infamous venue.  

21 May 2008

Last Night, She Said

Thanks to Air Traffic for letting us join their stop in Detroit last night and thanks to everyone that came out to see us on a Tuesday night.

Their set was really impressive, they're all really good musicians and their songs translate really well in a live setting (great arrangements)... really. They're not getting the attention they deserve right now in the States -- but I hope after this current club tour that changes.

For LT fans outside of Detroit, go catch Air Traffic and for everybody else who missed them, go check them out on facebook or myspace.

Which reminds me, have you friend Last Tourist on facebook and myspace? You really should do that.

18 May 2008

Tuesday 20 May 7pm
Air Traffic wsgs Last Tourist, Spy Radio
The Shelter, 431 East Congress, Detroit, MI 48226

The Tourists will go on at 7:30pm
$12 - contact your local Tourist for tickets

12 May 2008


08 May 2008

Two New Shows

The first with our good buddies Millions of Brazillians at the Old Miami on May 17


Second with actual Brit Pop Band Air Traffic at the Shelter on May 20 with doors at 7pm

Tickets for that show are available through ticketmaster, via your friendly neighborhood tourist or of course at the door.

If you haven't heard Air Traffic and you like bands like Supergrass, '90's Radiohead or Blur I suggest you come check them out.



09 April 2008

Detroit Dodge City

Howdy true believers, your friendly neighborhood Tourists are happy to announce a new show at one of our favorite Hamtramck venues that somehow never seems to have that many shows, the New Dodge.

We'll be playing with our good friends the Prime Ministers and our new friends, Project Mapex. I'd tell you more about Project Mapex, but the first rule of Project Mapex... yada, yada, yada... suffice to say, they are dozens, even hundreds or maybe even a thousand times a thousand times better than most bands of this or any nation. Get there early and don't miss a minute of the rock.

The Prime Ministers
Last Tourist
Project Mapex

Friday, April 18


09 March 2008

Blown Out

Thanks to everyone who came out to our show on Friday night, we couldn't have been happier. Virginia and the whole crew at Jeans were awesome and Dave the soundguy worked really hard to keep things under control and sounding great. We were ready to rock a great crowd, but even we were a little surprised that some people couldn't get in the door.

If you were one of those people who saw us for the first time, you can keep up with us at our email list, facebook or the ever popular myspace.

If you missed it, pics are up over at Gorilla's Flikr.

Thanks again and thanks to

Big Matt at Motorcityrocks (page down)
The Post-Rockist
Mr. Awesome J. Handyside

for all the kind words.

20 February 2008

Maybe you heard about this Blowout thing?

Just kidding, poster by McKean!

11 February 2008

Blowout 2008

It's a little early, but we're excited to announce we're playing our first Hamtramck Blowout this year. If you've never attended this this four day mostly Hamtramck based event you're missing out. Come check us out at Jean's on Friday March 9, but be sure to catch some of the other 200 bands playing over the long weekend.

Additional information and a incomplete schedule are available at the Metro Times website.

Last Tourist

12002 Jos Campau
Hamtramck, MI

March 7
10 PM

02 January 2008

Fishbones is on the Western Shore or left bank for you FrancophilesJanuary 9 at Fishbones

Peabs will be playing a solo show at Fishbones in St Clair Shores on Wed January 9.

Fishbones is at the corner of 9 Mile and Jefferson in St Clair Shores, Michigan, -unironically on the shore of Lake St. Clair.

Be there or pretty much plan on having a terrible 2008.

We're also working on a follow up to our 2007 self titled release at Tourist HQ (available on emusic, rhapsody, iTunes and at considerably less cost through your friendly neighborhood Tourist) and are looking forward to Orthodox Christmas, unless of course it's already past us by.

This looks like my paper, except that it has his personal line on it, so if you see this scrap of paper, it's not correct.Last but not least, if you come across a small piece of paper with Nigel Godrich's phone number on it, please return it to me -- I hear he's doing great stuff in practice spaces these days (http://radiohead.tbdrecords.com/). Also, if the small piece of paper has Nigel's cell phone on it, it's not MY piece of paper, MY piece of paper had his private line number on it, a rotary phone in a bunker deep beneath Nelson's Column in Trafalger Square. Please return other scraps of paper with the numbers of renowned producers to their proper owners.

that is all.

Tourist Paul