03 August 2009

This year's answer is:

Yauheni Hutarovich, of Belarus, at 90:05:02.

29 May 2009


07 March 2009

It is really nice to get so many positive comments on our Blowout performance this year.

Thanks to the twins and everyone else who came out on Thursday!

If you missed it, check out Big Wave Dave's pics over at motorcityrocks.com.

27 February 2009


It's an exciting day at Tourist central, we've got our show as part of next week's Metrotimes Blowout (Thursday, 9PM, Paychecks!) AND we've got two new great tracks up on Facebook and Myspace.

"Again and Again" features Matt on lead vocal.
"Someone to Believe" In features Mark on lead vocal.

Both tracks were produced by Last Tourist, Engineered by Gorilla and mastered by Erik Maluchnik at Tempermill Studios in fashionable Ferndale.